Since 1970

50 years of experience in lubrication.

Our extended trajectory as professionals in the lubrication sector started at the beginning of the seventies at a small facility located in the San Martin neighborhood of Azkoitia. The first lubrication units fabricated resulted to be simple and robust.

Throughout these decades, the reliability of the Intza lubrication units has allowed us to gain the trust of manufacturers of the most diverse sectors of industry. Meanwhile, we have been extending and modernizing our facilities.

Nowadays, our main location is in Ugarte Industrial area in Azkoitia and an extension of more than 3000 m2. From this location and other subsidiaries, we are at our customers’service with a quality product, quick deliveries, and professional advice.

Intza: ongoing research and application of the latest technologies.

We have always conferred special relevance to research and to the application of technology to our entire manufacturing chain. Therefore, we have implemented a policy of constant innovationas well as ongoing training of our human team. This philosophy together with our work methodology has allowed us to anticipate the needs and future demands of our clients.