Intza: lubrication systems for the railway sector.

Intza Lubrication Systems has developed, improved, and installed several specific solutions for the railway sector. A series of technologies tested in combination with adequate lubricants lead to excellent results. The companies are the ones that exploit and maintain railways and tracks and which most perceive the enormous savings of resources.

In addition, the anti-noise technology has great social impact improving coexistence between the train giving service to passengers and the neighbours living close to the rails. These solutions therefore contribute to a more efficient public transport (great savings) as well as more friendly with the environment and social environment.

Specialized in railway wheels and carriages lubrication

Intza Lubrication Systems Systems pursues the following objectives:

1. Reduce noise as a consequence of friction between wheel and train, that way guaranteeing greater well-being of the neighbours of the passengers, twinning the train and the city..

2. Reduce wear of train wheels, guaranteeing considerable savings due to less necessity of lathing and wheel changing.

3. Reducing rail wear, reducing rail changing costs, both by materials and due to less need of onsite works and traffic cuts.

4. Increasing energy efficiency, to the controlled and programmed reduction of friction contributed to less consumption and greater energy efficiency.