Intza: lubrication systems for the paper industry.

There are several reasons that encourage to invest on a better lubrication system for a paper mill, such as: full availability of the machine, work safety, environmental management, lower energy consumption, to avoid product pollution or a step-by-step higher level of process automation.

Bearings on a paper industry are subject to heavy loads, high speed, as well as working environmental conditions of humidity, pollution and high temperatures. Several studies have concluded that 34,4 % of machine failures are linked to inadequate lubrication of bearings, therefore, special attention must be paid.

Specialized in paper industry

En Intza Lubrication Systems offers you all necessary equipment, consultancy and means of installation and commissioning to upgrade your paper producing machine with the best lubrication system available. We manufacture systems of various sizes up to 20.000 litres, equipped with the most sophisticated temperature management, oil impulsion and filtration systems, as well as spinner type flowmeters that permit remote electronic monitoring of each greasing point. Inhumid zones, our very robust double line systems feed installations that areeveral hundreds of meters long and have up to 1,000 greasing point.

With the experience of Intza lubrication systems together with Eugen Woerner Gmbh, present in so many installations all around the world, we can guarantee to our customers the best turn-key solution available in the market.