All parts in relative movement have friction. Lubrication systems ensure a smooth and long lasting movement between parts by reducing the friction between them.
Intza centralized lubrication systems are used in very diverse sectors like the food industry, automation, chains and transporters, elevation, railways, renewable energies, tool machines, mining, paper industry, presses and many more.

At INTZA-WOERNER we analyze your greasing problems from a global perspective, providing you with the most specific solution to your needs.

We combine Intza made components with the ones of our long-time partner Woerner to propose the most adequate equipment in each case.

Anitz is a consolidated company with wide and consolidated experience in the design, planning, and assembly of greasing, hydraulic and pneumatic installations in industrial sector. We also offer repair and maintenance services, both corrective and preventive, as well as complete maintenance assistance. Our experienced professional team will advise and implement the most adequate solution in each case.