Intza: lubrication systems for the chains and conveyors.

Intza Lubrication Systems has a wide range of solutions for chains and conveyors, present in many types of industrial and logistic activities.

Solution for multiple sectors.

Intza Lubrication Systems fmanufactures and installs several specific solutions:

1. Chain lubrication for oil and grease spraying.

2. Lubrication projection system by quick drop.

3. Using mechanical contact by grease brushes.

4. By monitoring grease points and grease application.

The range of sectors where these systems can be applied is very large. Intza Lubrication Systems can assess you in the search for the optimal lubrication system in each case, with the idea of increasing the reliability of their production, optimizing it, improving maintenance costs and times, and bringing it close to industry 4.0 with lubrication automation and centralization.