Intza: lubrication systems for the tool machine sector.

Lubrication systems have several and diverse functions. On one hand, it must assure correct lubrication of the parts in movement (skids, guides, screws, bearings, etc.), and on the other hand, in some cases it must serve to cool the cutting tools or displacing metal swarf. Therefore, the lubrication system must be highly reliable to not commit good global behavior of the machine.

Specialists in machine tools industry.

Intza Lubrication Systems also supplies the most advanced technology for internal cooling of the tool using the MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) system where the lubricant particles are suspended in the air. Despite the enormous centrifugal forces of the tool, the lubricant is stuck to the walls and air flow is capable of expelling nearly all the lubricant. It is an extremely clean system: ecology and savings.