Intza: lubrication systems for the elevation sector.

The elevation sector frames both industrial and civil engineering applications. For example, we can name the following: lifts, mechanical stairways, mechanical ramps, gantry cranes, port stevedore cranes, ski stations, etc.. All of them are in continuous movement and therefore need adequate lubrication to guarantee their good operation. En todas estas aplicaciones, para que nunca se detengan los procesos, Intza Lubrication Systems is synonym of reliability and quality in all these applications, so the processes never stop..

Raising quality

Intza Lubrication Systems offers and installs professional solutions that guarantee a high level of reliability in different types of situations:

1. Large loads to be elevated.

2. Industrial processes that cannot stop.

3. Intense rain situationsa.

4. Extreme cold situations.

5. Excessive heat situations.